We have finished our first game/project called Hyperfishing and are currently working on our second game called StreakyBaseball. Please check it out under 'Games'.
  • So-cal kick off ASA meeting
  • Presentation at the U.C. Riverside colloquium series
  • Presentation at the Claremont McKenna colloquium series
Welcome To Our Site

  Welcome to our website. Our goal is to make Statistics an attractive career choice to students in high school. We hope to achieve this goal by creating games related to different statistical concepts so that high school students can see various applications of Statistics. We are currently working on our second project which is related to the binomial distribution, Markov chains, and runs tests.

We hope that you enjoy looking at this site, and find the information on it useful in other applications as well. Hopefully you will also get a better understanding of what Statistics is, and may consider it as a career choice for your future.

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